ISRO Space Technology training and certificate to teachers

ISRO Space Technology training and certificate course is being offered by the ISRO(India Space Reasearch Organization, Department of Space, Government of India.

The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) under ISRO has prepared a special course for teachers. In this course a training will be provided to teachers thorugh a online program.

Chittoor District Science Officer RV Ramana said that under the auspices of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), teachers will be given free training on the internet to develop technology.

The training will cover space science as well as their applications.

Besides the Space Science the following topics will be covered in the course.

Natural Disasters,
Water Security,
Distance Education
Climate Studies

The Online training classes will be held for five days from the 31st of May 2021 onwards.


ISRO will provide certification to talented teachers through e-mail with who will participate this course with 70 percent attendance


How ISRO online course live program will conducted

Live & Interactive program can be received in two ways:

A-View: A-VIEW is an advanced multi-modal, multi-platform, collaborative e-learning solution which allows an instructor to interact with a large number of learners.  A-VIEW allows the instructor to perform live evaluation of the learners.  It will be useful to get real-time feedback from attendees on the go.  A-VIEW can also act as an online meeting tool that can support to  interact with multiple users from various locations simultaneously.
Download A-VIEW (

Webcasting: Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet. To watch our live program through our webcasting service click here:(

ISRO Space Technology Training
ISRO Space Technology Training

Objectives of the ISRO Space Technology  Training

To provide an opportunity for individuals to learn Remote Sensing and Geo information Science for the benefit of their professional career. This basic course in Remote Sensing and Geo information Science will allow graduates to build their knowledge and practical expertise in RS and GIS technologies with independent study and project experience at the certificate level.


ISRO Space Technology  Training Course Study Material:

Course study materials such as lecture slides, video recorded lectures, open source software, data & handouts of demonstrations, etc., will be made available through IIRS ftp link ( lectures will also be uploaded on YouTube Channel (


ISRO Space Technology  Training Course Fee:

There is no course fee. It’s absolutely a free of cost programme.

Award of Certificate for ISRO Space Technolgy Training:

Working Professionals: Based on 70% attendance and submission of assignments.
Students: Based on 70% attendance and online examination.

Assessment Structure of ISRO Courses:

IIRS is conducting online e-learning based courses on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science of 1 month and 4 months durations. The criteria for issuing online certificates is set as following:

20%- Total time spend in e-learning contents. Total recommended time in each screen is published. The minimum requirement to appear in exam is more than 80% of recommended time for each course. The Assessment will be included based on total spend hours.
10%- Marks obtained in Mini project.
70%- Will be taken from online examinations.

The Grading will be as following:

80 or More than 80% will get A+ Grade
75 to 79% will get A Grade
70-74% will get B Grade
60-69 % will get C Grade
Not successfulLess than 60%


How to Submit Online Application to join ISRO Space Technology  Training Courses:

A. Step 1 for submission of online application:

Register for the course through the online link provided below. Please provide your details very carefully specially your email ID and mobile number.
You will receive one registration number on successful submission of your application
as web page display and email message.

B. Step 2 for submission of online application:

Activate your account by clicking on given link in your email. Once account is activated and email is verified, your application will be available for selection process to Institute/Course coordinator/Director.

C. Step 3 for submission of online application:

The course coordinator/Director will review your application and verify the submitted documents and approve or reject your application.

D. Step 4 for submission of online application:

All the approved participants will receive an approval email with their login credentials of IIRS E-CLASS platform ( and Examination Portal ( Single user name and password will work for both the portals.


E. Step 5 for submission of online application:

All the approved participants has to login at IIRS E-CLASS platform with his/her credentials during live sessions. For course schedule and contents please visit- . The daily course schedule will be available in E-CLASS also.

F. Step 6 – Course Delivery:

I. Procedure of Attendance Recording:

The E-CLASS platform will automatically record the attendance of a participant based on his/her login during the session and presence during the session.

Typically, the attendance is marked as present after 50% duration of total session time. For example, if total duration of a session is 60 minutes then, after 30 minutes of active login, the attendance will be marked as “Present” .

If due to some technical problem or other reason participant is unable to continue the session then he/she has to watch the same session through ”Offline” mode available under E-CLASS login. The time for offline session will be recorded/updated accordingly.

The coordinators of networked Institutions are also allowed to upload the attendance of an individual participant through their E-CLASS CMS login. If by any reason attendance of a participant is not being recorded/updated in ECLASS then he/she can ask his/her Coordinator to upload their attendance for particular course.

Register yourself for the course Here


 If you have not received any approval email then please


check status of your application here
and if your status is “Approved” then reset your password by clicking on link provided in above web page

Case 3- If you have already participated in any earlier online course of IIRSISRO then your old login credentials will be valid for this course also. No new login credentials will be provided. However you can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password?” available in E-CLASS portal.

Case 4-  If status of your application is “Not Approved” you will be considered as Learner,

Please watch live sessions here
Technical Support:
For any further technical problems and support please contact us on following telephone numbers and email:
+91-135-2524130 (Course content delivery)
+91-135-2524120 (Web/Technical Support)
+91-135-2524354 (Certificate related)

The Address of The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Indian Space Research Organisation
Dept. of Space, Govt. of India,
4-Kalidas Road, Post Box No. 135,
Dehradun – 248 001, Uttarakhand (India).